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The Format
The Binder

The binder for Lutheran Harmony is a three-ring "poly" binder. Informally, people might call it a "vinyl" binder, but the technical term is "poly binder." Do you remember the old "Christians Awake" product by Augsburg Fortress? That also was a poly binder, but Lutheran Harmony has two important distinctions from that product.

The binder for Lutheran Harmony is much thicker, and can stand by itself. Secondly, Christians Awake used a proprietary 6-ring format (an idea that had some merit), but is difficult for the average parish to punch material for. Lutheran Harmony uses a standard 3 ring binder sized for 6x9 paper. That size is commercially available in office supply stores (though a bit unusual), and a three-hole adjustable punch generally has markings for that size.


Will it tear? Look, even the LBW isn't safe from a determined 2-year-old, and yes, Lutheran Harmony's pages will be damaged by children or nuclear attack.

To address this concern, the paper in Lutheran Harmony is not normal office paper but a thicker grade. Feedback from parishes so far says durability is not an issue.

Paper size is not half of 8.5x11 but 6x9. This larger size is typical for hymnals, including the LBW and other books. The extra half an inch allows full-size printing of hymns.

Page layout standards

Type used is a bit larger than in the LBW, WOV or other common hymnals, for better reading, and especially better reading in dim lighting. The staff and notes are a bit larger as well.

24 of the 40 hymns have guitar chords, and they are placed on the melody line (at the request of guitarists) for easier self-accompaniment.

Full accompaniment for piano or organ is printed for all hymns.

Full copyright information is with each hymn.

With one exception for a three page hymn - there are NO page turns required for any hymn.

This is not a quick and dirty look, or copy of a copy style page - but one with a graceful and useable layout, equal to the best available.


I want this book to be compared to the best available. I'm proud of its quality. And I think our worship deserves nothing less.

I hope this works: Below is a side by side comparison of Lutheran Harmony with the LBW. Each page was scanned at the same resolution and the same image processing applied to each.

There is no way to give this to you "actual size" because of the nature of the net and computer terminals. I hope it gives you an idea of the layout. Note that the printing of both books is sharp and clear - that doesn't necessarily come out here because of the reduced number of pixels available.

Lutheran Harmony on the left, LBW on the right.

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