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  Edmonds, Washington  

Edmonds has a street, just two blocks long, by the water. Here you can watch ships head in and out to sea, the ferry to Kingston, airplanes fly overhead and the BNSF line.

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If this view looks familiar, its because it's the location for the cover shot of the "hot spots" book about good places to do railfanning.

BNSF 5436 leads SF 947
Tide's out (2004 photo).
Tide's in. BNSF 4627. (2004) A good deal of container traffic goes through here, seldom as neatly lined up like this, however.
conor A good place to introduce a kid to train watching. And yes, the engineer waved.
north If you move down to the north end of the street you don't have much warning to see up a shot of southbound. On the other hand, you are at eye level and it seems like it is coming right at you.
Turning around to look south. Ferry dock on the right hand side. Someday there will be a bad accident where the ferry traffic bunches up and crosses the tracks. Plans are on the drawing board to move the ferry landing south and have an overpass.
Detail of previous photo, digitally transformed.
Years ago, I never would have thought I found a double stack attractive, but I'm coming to like the colors. Still companies just don't use the containers to advertise effectively.
Still looking south. An Amshack station is to the left of the lead cars. At the end of the parallel road and to the right is a pretty good fish restaurant.
You do get meets. Here is an unusual case. The train in the foreground, headed from Seattle towards Everett is in the siding and the one coming at us is on the main. More typical is a Seattle bound train stopped at this end of the siding waiting for an Everett bound train to go by on the main.
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