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Railroad photo gallery
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Cajon UP SD40-2 UP SD40-2 on Cajon in California (1995).
DR&W freight in the Colorado royal gorge in 1986.
UP 4-8-4 number 844 pauses for maintenance in Iowa in 1996.
Intercity train in Greece (1998).
On a day cold and rainy, a fright climbs to Steven's pass (Skykomish, WA, 2003)
UP freight in Echo Canyon, UT, 2001. Pair of SD60s (I think) on the front.
A commuter train stops at Fullerton, CA in 1997.
Can you feel the cold wind blowing, the isolation? Crew waits on the siding for .. something. (Iowa, 1996)
Green River, Wyoming
GP30 869 in 1983.
Another view of 869.
2959 leads an SD40-2 in 1983.
SD40-2 3149
Coal train in Green River in 2001  
Clarkeek Park, Seattle
Another double stack, heading south.
He was hauling.
Clarkeek 3 2002 photos.

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